Students trained for changing labour market

Recently signed co-operative agreement between Belarusian State University and BPS-Bank tackles lack of highly qualified staff

By Yulia Vaneeva

The Chairman of the bank, Vasily Matyushevsky, says that, as the country joins the open market, many new jobs are being created in the business sphere, with vacancies in investment business, retail and corporate IT. Mr. Matyushevsky believes that the banking sector and higher educational establishments need to work together to ensure that young people are offered appropriate courses and training to fit them for the changing job market, with practical work undertaken from their third year of study. Student internships will motivate would-be specialists, enabling them to receive professional knowledge and employment.

The co-operative agreement between the Belarusian State University and BPS-Bank plans more focused training in the banking and financial spheres, with joint symposiums, seminars and conferences planned. The bank is also planning to participate in the development and release of textbooks, monographies and scientific papers by University lecturers. BPS-Bank has chosen the BSU as a partner for various reasons. Not long ago, its students came second at the International Battle of Bankers Olympiad — organised by Sberbank of Russia. Russia’s Financial Academy took first place in the event, which gathered over 2,000 participants. This is not the first success for the BSU’s Banking Department; several years ago, its students came third on California University’s virtual stock exchange.

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