Strong Olympic impetus

2014 Sochi Winter Olympics to facilitate sport of curling in Belarus

The Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee, George Katulin, has told the President of the European Curling Association, Andrew Smith, that Minsk-Arena’s launch offers a wonderful opportunity to develop this new sport in Belarus. The Arena is ready to host high level international events. Today, Belarus is placed 36th in the world curling ratings, among 48 states. The Belarusian Curling Federation is making every effort to improve its position but we need training and more developed technical equipment.

Mr. Smith has pledged to provide the necessary assistance in several directions: purchasing new ice cleaning machines and filling Minsk-Arena’s two professional ice rinks, training specialists in using the machinery and techniques, and organising curling training for judges and athletes. He has also suggested that the Belarusian Curling Federation hold an open day to promote the new sport. Since 1998, at the Games held in Nagano, curling has been admitted on the Olympic programme.

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