Choir of Orthodox church devoted to Holy Virgin icon “Joy to all in grieve” went on a three-day tour to Spain and Germany.
The company led by chorister Olga Yanum gave concerts in Tolosa and Zaragoza (Spain), Hamburg, Dortmund, Bielefeld, Marburg, Fritzlar, Bad-Schwalbach and Bochum (Germany). The choir prepared a new program of spiritual and folk songs especially for the abroad tour. Money raised during the tour is donated for construction of Skorbiashchensky cathedral.

The Big Sunday choir of Orthodox church devoted to Holy Virgin icon “Joy to all in grieve” is worthily considered among leading and most renowned singing companies of Belarusian Orthodox Church. In particular, it has won prizes at international festivals of Christian spiritual music “Magutny Bozha” (Mogilev, 1996), of church music (Hainowka, Poland, 1999 and 2003) and S. Sergizzi festival of choral music (Gorizia, Italy, 2001). The choir performs a wide variety of spiritual music — from banner chants to works by 20th century composers, classical pieces by Russian and foreign composers, and Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian folk songs.

In 2003 the choir celebrated its 10th anniversary. Chorister Olga Yanum was decorated with Russian Orthodox Church 3rd rank Medal of Saint apostolic princess Olga.
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