Strategy won’t undergo changes

Energy Minister Alexander Ozerets asserts that Belarusian nuclear power station should come into operation within scheduled time, even if new construction partner is chosen

Belarus is negotiating with several world companies to construct its nuclear power station, including those from France, Japan and South Korea. Partnership with Russia hasn’t been discounted but reliability, efficiency and security are the criteria which must be met, stresses Mr. Ozerets. He notes that legislation has been prepared to develop nuclear power in Belarus, “Everything needed has been already written; we’re already aware of what to do and how.”

He believes that a comprehensive approach is vital in solving issues relating to the nuclear power station and the choice of our strategic partner: security and reliability at the nuclear power station must meet IAEA standards. He assures us that the nuclear power plant will be built and become operational on schedule, even if our strategic partner changes. “Companies exist who are able to put a nuclear unit into exploitation within 44-45 months, rather than 60 months,” he notes.

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