Story about Belorussian land

It is 100 years from the birth of Iosif Zginovich, first Belorussian professional cembalist, composer, founder of unique orchestra
It is remarkable that in May schedule of its concerts National academic public orchestra named for Iosif Zginovich included performances in Pukhovicheskiy region. It is the homeland of a famous founder and leader of the collective.

— We visit these places not very often. But we try to hold concerts relating to significant events for us just there — Oreshkovichi and Marjina Gorka, — told Alexandr Kremko, the second batonist, honored artist of the Republic of Belarus. — Old-timers remember Iosif Zginovich well and young people know him through the stories told by adults. There is full information about famous countryman in the small club where we have performances. People who visit our concerts meet us enthusiastically.

Cembalo takes seat of honour in the orchestra. By the way the founder of the collective was a perfect cembalist. Alexandr Evgenjevich says that almost all cembalists have honorary degrees of winners and laureates of different international contests. “I’m afraid that they won’t be invited soon, — says conductor smiling. — Of course, the representatives of a small country come and take the first places. Our performers are so professional that the instrument itself remains its technical characteristics short of their mastership.

The orchestra named for Iosif Zginovich is singular collective in Belgosfilarmoniya having the status of national.

— We touch huge layers of musical culture, — says Alexandr Kremko. — XIX century, XVI and even XIV! Musicologists collect priceless information in records and museums by small pieces. It is the history of Belorussian nation.
The orchestra collective is well known abroad. Its repertory consists not only of Belorussian music but also foreign music, including classic compositions. The compositions are chosen perfectly sounding in the hands of the orchestra. It means they sound not in the prejudice of the creative author’s idea and keep all classical canons. The musicians please listeners with the popular songs, too. During the tour in China the performers and the audience sing together “Podmoskovnie vechera”. But, of course, the best place of honor in the repertory of the orchestra leading by Mikhail Kazinets, the people’s artist of Belarus, professor, take compositions written by the founder of the collective Iosif Zginovich. In particular, the concert devoted to maestro anniversary celebration started from his “Story about Belorussian land”.

The musicians are enthusiasts going for the matter, devoted to the orchestra and its traditions. There are several family couples who found each other in the orchestra. There is its own musical dynasty. Unfortunately, there is no musicians among the relatives of Iosif Zginovich. His widow was an opera singer, his daughter Antonina and grandson Iosif are not connected with music. But they don’t lose ties with the collective, visit anniversary concerts. The orchestra veterans often come to communicate with young people. “It is nice when big and friendly family gathers together, — underlined Alexandr Kremko. — People come even from other towns. I think not all collectives may boast such community. Such relations were originated by the founder of orchestra, bright and great man — maestro Iosif Zginovich. We are grateful to him for everything”.

Irina Trofilova
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