Step towards green economy

Sorting line for solid domestic waste equipped with modern equipment, near Novogrudok
The Ministry of Housing and Communal Services has liaised with Novogrudok District Executive Committee and the EU financed Support to Regional and Local Development in Belarus project to initiate the venture, which draws on almost 800,000 Euros of EU funding. Money has been spent on containers for collecting waste, as well as garbage trucks, presses and loaders. Belarus has also contributed significant funds, to purchase equipment, and to install it at new sites. At the opening ceremony, the Head of the EU Delegation to Belarus, Andrea Viktorin, noted, “We plan to continue developing co-operation with Belarusian regions, regarding the creation of a green economy: to promote manufacturing of eco-friendly goods, and their consumption, using recycled materials and green transport. All this helps to preserve our planet for future generations.”

Novogrudok District Executive Committee notes that public utilities in urban areas could actually make profits from recycling activities.

By Katerina Charovskaya 
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