Steep slopes and welcoming hosts attract visitors

Lovers of winter sports come to Belarus to ski

Lovers of winter sports come to Belarus to ski

Skiing amateur from Ukraine, Andrey Koshevenko, enjoys Belarusian Mozyr

Skiing-newcomer Anna Zorina — a student of Kharkov’s National University — came to Minsk from Ukraine with her husband Artem to stay with relatives’ during their winter holidays. The couple decided to spend their time usefully: to learn skiing. They have chosen the slopes of the Silichi Republican Ski Centre. As Anna admits, anyone can find a slope here to suit them. The couple use the training track but they already plan to move to one of the four slopes aimed at those able to ski well. “We’ll have a go at skiing there today or tomorrow,” she said with a smile. “Most importantly, our instructor has explained how to fall correctly!” The trainer Denis Naumenko, who’s been working at the ski centre for five years and trained dozens of newcomers, explains, “It’s important to be attentive to safety rules as they are essential for health. Mastery of the skills comes in the fullness of time.” 

Many people come to Silichi in winter, including toddlers in snow suits and elderly people. They not only ski; sledging and snow tubing is extremely popular. Students and couples come in the evenings to enjoy romantic skiing down the slopes or whisper sweet nothings on the mountain tops. 


Among Belarus’ popular skiing centres are Minsk’s Solnechnaya Dolina (Sunny Valley), Logoisk Sporting Complex, Yakutskie Gory Active Leisure Park and the Mozyr Sport Ski Complex. Interestingly, up to 10,000 lovers of skiing gather in Mozyr daily — including almost a half of them from Ukraine and Russia. 

Belarusian ski centres are attractive as they offer comfortable holidaying during weekends. Each of them runs their own hotels, guests’ houses, restaurants and cafes. 

By Yekaterina Medvedskaya
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