Status of health gains broad new dimensions

By 2015, Minsk’s medical tourism to bring in around $9m

By Andrey Alfimov

In 2010, exports of medical services from Minsk’s medical centres amounted to $1.7m. However, experts believe this could rise 5-fold in the coming five years. Tourist companies and medical centres in the Belarusian capital have agreed upon a 20 percent commission for attracting foreign tourists: those arriving in Minsk will be diagnosed, operated upon where necessary, rehabilitated in sanatoriums and, finally, will receive another diagnosis.

The National Tourism Agency has joined the Republican Centre for Recuperation and Sanatorium Treatment in launching the project to promote medical and spa services abroad. “To achieve these goals, we’ll distribute catalogues and will work actively online while promoting Minsk’s medical tourism at foreign exhibitions,” notes Valery Boldyrev, the Head of the National Tourism Agency’s Department for Marketing and Publishing Activity.

Services in transplantology, cardiology, traumatology and dentistry enjoy the greatest popularity among foreign tourists. In 2010, medical services in Minsk were rendered to over 25,000 foreigners, including those from Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Germany, Israel, Macedonia, Cyprus, Iran, South Korea and Georgia.

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