Station virtually opens

Computer simulator launched at Belarusian National Academy of Sciences’ Sosny Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research, to train specialists for future nuclear power station

By Olga Levitskaya

Modern equipment is to allow the future station’s employees to gain virtual acquaintance with its basic elements and principles. Using special programmes, the simulator models the station’s major processes and is perfect for training future engineers for the reactor and turbine blocks, as well as its shift heads. “They gain the opportunity to virtually open the station and control its work — conducting certain tasks,” explains Alexander Trifonov, who heads the Institute’s laboratory.

The new training centre (where the simulator is installed) will be attended by senior university students. In addition, certain specialists are to train and retrain there. Sosny Institute has also set up a centre to prepare staff for managing the station’s physical protection system.

A supercomputer is to assist young people in mastering new knowledge. Its calculating resources are united with the supercomputer centres of the National Academy of Sciences and the Belarusian State University. Additionally, the Belarusian supercomputer network is integrated into that of Europe, which opens additional opportunities for domestic specialists in the field of staff training and scientific provision for the nuclear power station’s construction.

Belarus’ nuclear power station will be built in Ostrovets (Grodno Region), following the Russian ‘AES-2006’ project — developed by the St. Petersburg Scientific-Research and Design Institute Atomenergoproekt (part of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation). Preparatory works are underway on the site, with road and rail links being built, alongside the production base. It’s expected that the station’s first reactor will be launched in 2017, with the second operational a year later.

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