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Belarus may pioneer electric transport in Europe

State ready to support projects

Belarus may pioneer electric transport in Europe

The Government has set up a taskforce to work out proposals for electric transport development in the country. Within the next few years, it will have decent electricity generation at the Belarusian nuclear power station. It cannot adjust its output radically, needing to remain constant, so Belarus will have a large volume of electricity to spare at night. We can become European pioneers in electric cars and recharging stations.

Government supports projects in pharma-industry
Government supports projects in pharma-industry
Photo: BELTA

The Government has already formulated tasks to develop this sphere, including new technologies, new jobs and saving of conventional fuels. Meanwhile, development of this area will contribute to that of other branches.

The development of a biotechnology cluster in Belarus also seems promising. We have an advantage because we have good domestic research products that can be used to set up new enterprises. Work is in progress and biotechnology products are already worth about $500m annually, despite having been begun from scratch within the last five-year plan.

Much is being done to develop the pharmaceutical industry, where production sometimes fails to live up to demand. In this respect, the production of various biologically active additives is in focus; proposals from foreign investors are welcome. The Government is ready to support such projects via various incentives.

By Veniamin Mikheev
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