Stable growth among those seeking relaxation

In 2011, Belarusian spas should earn $100m from export of services

By Yelena Prusova

Sanatorium style resorts have been promoting themselves to foreign guests for the past three years, with increasing success. This indicates their competitiveness, with about 200,000 foreigners expected to visit in 2011.

Last year, 178,000 travellers from throughout the CIS and beyond holidayed in Belarus, most coming from Russia, followed by those from the Baltic States, Poland, Germany and Israel. The latter even arrive by charter flights.

Foreigners account for almost 25 percent of all those staying at Belarusian sanatoriums, each spending around $500 on top of charges for medical services, since they tend to buy souvenirs and other products. “Despite the tragedy of April 11th on the Minsk metro, foreigners continue to arrive for stays at Belarusian sanatoriums,” notes the Director of the Republican Centre for Recuperation and Sanatorium-Resort Treatment under the Council of Ministers, Nikolay Mazur. “This indicates their trust in our country and their assurance in having their safety protected.”

Foreigners are attracted by Belarus’ natural beauty, high quality food, premium medical services and comfortable living conditions.

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