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11th Republican Festival of National Cultures acquires anthem

11th Republican Festival of National Cultures acquires anthem

Belarusian composer Yelena Atrashkevich has composed the official anthem of the 11th Republican Festival of National Cultures, as chosen by organisers of the event. It will be used as the main musical accompaniment of the Festival, having been first performed at Minsk’s regional selection round. It will be performed at the opening and closing final events in Grodno, as well as being used during TV diaries. “If participants and spectators approve our choice, it may become the official anthem of the Festival of National Cultures in future,” explains the organising committee.

The organisers of the holiday in Grodno are preparing an intensive musical programme. Alongside participants from national associations, the event will welcome around 40 famous Belarusian performers. All will appear on stage for the evening gala-concert of masters of arts: Flowers of the Homeland. Artists are to perform in various musical styles and languages, as the producer of the evening show programme, Agata Motsko, explains. She tells us, “Songs popular in various countries will be performed on stage: national hits in Serbian, Ukrainian, Estonian and other languages. For example, Alexey Gross will sing in Estonian while the Las Vegas band will perform in Latvian.” NAVI band will play Rechanka (Stream) in Belarusian while Drozdy is to sing I Will Lie Down.

The Festival of National Cultures has been held in Belarus biannually, since 1996. It usually starts in districts which host regional contests, while Grodno is traditionally the capital of the holiday. The finals of the 11th Republican Festival of National Cultures will be held in Grodno on June 4th and 5th.

By Yelena Stasova
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