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Special train for ‘hauliers’

Thanks to the close co-operation of Belarusian and Lithuanian railways, the piggyback train Nemunas has made a test run
By Anton Kostyukevich

Called Nieman in Belarusian, the train is able to haul not just containers, but lorries with trailers, which can drive onto special platforms.

Such technology is still a novelty in the CIS, although is popular in Western Europe, where the idea is called a ‘running highway’: journeys can be made partly by train and partly by vehicle, uninterrupted. Naturally, this saves time — and money! It should greatly help ‘hauliers’ crossing the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, saving them from tiresome queues.

The Nieman train will cover the distance from Kolyadichi, near Minsk, to Kaunas in approximately 11 hours and 50 minutes — taking into account customs registration and border control. Igor Zgursky, who heads cargo work and foreign-economic activity for Belarusian Railways, explains, “Now planning for the new route is underway, we’re identifying possible bottlenecks and exact geography, with a view to making alterations.” 

The destiny of the new train, to a large extent, will be defined by the hauling companies’ interest. However, preliminary analysis shows that Nemunas will be in demand.
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