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Language courses in Minsk cost approximately Br 3,3-3,8 million a year

Language courses in Minsk cost Br 3,3-3,8 million a year

School graduates will demonstrate knowledge of a foreign language in the compulsory oral examination in May next year. At school more attention is paid to grammar and translation, but not to speaking. Therefore language schools and private tutors have become extremely popular in recent years. Someone turn to them to pull up school knowledge, others learn it from the beginning, but in fact many people can’t imagine their common life without English, German or French. How much the linguistic knowledge cost and where the Belarusians prefer to study, learned correspondent  "R".

As the leaders of specialized centers recognize, the main reason why people decide to go for language courses is not to feel discomfort in travel. Our citizens have become more often abroad and  travel with a great pleasure along by their own route without guides and escorts. Our tourists prefer to communicate with foreigners, not by a gesture, but by a coherent sentence, unless the phrase memory and dont  let them down.  Fluency in a foreign language is a prerequisite in many ads for a job.

"People come to us who wish to learn a second foreign language, which was not included in the curriculum course, - Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, the European center of language training" SOL Minsk " Irina Boris says. There is remarkable that only a small part of people improve their good knowledge. But  for those who attend  courses to "kill the time" they quickly leave. Motivation is low, but the result does not come easily. As was the case with one 73-year-old student."

The top in the list of popularity among foreign language learners keep English, which is what one could expect. It examines both old and young. French, German, Spanish are a little bit behind. Rach language has its own audience. For example, French is taught generally by aged ladies whose daughters have found their husbands in French-speaking country, or those who want to see Paris and don’t die there because of a misunderstanding. Spanish became the leader recently, thanks to strengthen the friendship between Belarus and Venezuela. Now, instead of women who want to understand what hot men speaking about in the resorts,  more representative  Belarusians attend courses, who will go in the future to work in this Latin American country. "Czech is studying by the youth who wants to go there to learn, however, as the Polish. However, there is another category of students, and these guys and adults who want to get a map of the Pole. The girls who want to go to the Middle East to work or to understand her foreigner- husband are interested in Arab - "- Anastasia Kolomiets, head teacher of foreign languages ​​courses "Stellar", says. "Chinese, Japanese, and Greek are also popular among the  people, - Valery Mihalevich supplements his colleagues. After the victory of Alexander Rybak at the "Eurovision" many Belarusians started to learn Norwegian. Sometimes recruited a groups for the study of Dutch. But the Korean and Vietnamese demand a little." 

However, the small demand is for Hindi. In the memory of the Belarusian teacher Alesia, only two of our compatriots expressed their desire to practice grammar and script of this country. The main clients are taking online lessons. The cost of one group session is 10$, 12$ is per individual, but if you pay for 8 lessons at once you save 5$. Girls, who are impressed by the Indian cinema, are taught Hindi with enthusiasm remotely. But for the only man -student language is necessary for the travel. By the way, if you have the desire to study the "universal" language of  Esperanto, you can get a help from a group of the same name in social networks. Tutorial hasn’t been  found in the capital, and it hasn’t been taught in a language schools.  

The Belarusian branch of the Moscow State Linguistic University recently announced a set of courses for the Belarusian language as a foreign language. Among the record are only our compatriots.

As experts say, to master the language in everyday life and to be able to start a dialogue with a foreigner, it’s rather an academic year of study and diligent performance of all course assignments.

Even in small groups of 10-16 people, much depends not only on the effort of teachers, but the desire to student. A deeper knowledge like an experience come with the age.

The course, which consists of two semesters, will cost 3,3-3,8 million Br.

For corporate clients, training is also a business necessity. More and more companies are interested in training their employees. In recent years the number of students increased significantly. For these students are separate programs, depending on the wishes of the customers, selected vocabulary in a narrow profile. The result here is needed earlier than in the usual groups "- Anastasia  Kolomiets says.

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