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South-eastern vector with clear outlines

Representatives of government from two states of the peninsula, which is called Indochina in Europe, visited Belarus
By Vladimir Khromov

Representatives of government from two states of the peninsula, which is called Indochina in Europe, visited Belarus. Firstly, Alexander Lukashenko carried out negotiations with the Chair of the National Assembly of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Pany Yathotou, and then later with the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Hun Sen. The general intent of both meetings was a mutual aspiration to deepening of interstate relations and the opening of political dialogue with more considerable business content.

This region is remote geographically, but close to us from the point of view of modern history. Over the years, a close bond of co-operation connected the USSR with the states of the peninsula. While students from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia studied in Belarus, we also delivered machinery to these countries. It is relevant to restore these traditions of co-operation, and it is even better to bring them to new, higher level.

Last year, the President of Laos, Choummaly Sayasone visited Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko paid attention to the fact that this visit gave rise to a new stage of co-operation. Welcoming the head of the Laotian Parliament, the President expressed confidence that her work in Minsk will promote the expansion of bilateral interaction and that it will be a preparation for a foundation for decision-making at the top level. Alexander Lukashenko said, “We plan to visit your country. I promised the President of Laos that I will visit your country, and we would like that visit to be full of content and result in concrete agreements and a number of contracts on co-operation.”

Belarus has also big plans concerning co-operation with Cambodia. The President pointed out that it is the most fast-growing and developing country in South-East Asia. We already have certain experience of co-operation. Joint production of MTZ tractors opened in Cambodia and already about half of such machinery used in that country is of Belarusian manufacture.

Addressing Hun Sen, the President said, “We have what interests you and what we can offer you. And we are ready to do that. Be it joint enterprises on the manufacture of vehicles, co-operation in the defence industry or mining, we are ready to buy production which owing to our environmental conditions cannot be produced in Belarus, but to which we have got used. We will buy these products with great pleasure in order to balance the trade turnover between our two countries.”

The Prime Minister conveyed to Alexander Lukashenko the invitation, from the King of Cambodia, to pay an official visit to the country.
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