Song for “Eurovision”

For the first time on the children’s “Eurovision” young talents from Belarus will sing a song of love to their Motherland
For the first time on the children’s “Eurovision” young talents
from Belarus will sing a song of love to their Motherland.

In the present capital of the children’s song contest, in the sunny Cyprian Limasol, Belarus will be represented by a trio — Daria Nadina, Alina Molosh, Karina Zhukovich with a song “The Heart of Belarus”. TV-viewers and the professional jury accepted a single decision — the performance of Svetlana Statsenko’s pupils turned out to be the brightest and the most harmonious. Though other finalists also represented interesting performances. This is why the viewers didn’t give preference to one performance.

One of the main differences of the children’s contest from the adult one is the fact, that a represented song should be written by a young singer. Daria Nadina composed the song “The Heart of Belarus”. Dasha is twelve years old. She studies at Minsk gymnasium № 7. She started singing when she was five and now she studies at the national center of musical art named after Vladimir Muliavin. In the future she dreams to become a singer. Inspite of her short creative life, she became a laureate of the International contest “The Window to Europe” in Saint-Petersburg, she managed to take the first place in the Bulgarian contest “New music-2008”.

Well, all the girls from this trio are talented. If Alina Molosh is known to the viewers because of “Slaviansky Bazaar” (there she became the winner of the first prize in the children’s contest), then Karina Zhukovich is a riddle now. “Karina comes from Baranovichi, — says her teacher Svetlana Statsenko. — She has been studying vocal since four years old. Now she is the owner of the diploma of the second degree of the International festival of the children’s art “The land under white wings”, the winner of the the International festival of the children’s art “Golden Bee” in the nomination “pop-vocal”.

Belarus will take part in the children’s contest “Eurovision” this year for the sixth time and for the fourth time there participate the pupils of Svetlana Statsenko (let us remind you that her pupils brought her the highest results twice — Ksenia Sitnik took the first place in 2005, and last year Alexey Zhigalkovich ranked second).

— This is not simply a wish to have a bathe in the unpredictable atmosphere of this contest once again, and an aspiration to open new names of the talented children to Belarus and Europe.

— Do you have a wish to name a girl’s trio?

— No, I don’t. They see themselves as soloists in the future. And I understand that if they are positioned as a band from the very beginning, they will be perceived this way in the future. Their names are loud.

— The song is arranged in the national Belarusian motives. Who was its author?

— Viktor Pshenichny. I like folk art very much. Each center soloist has got a song in the Belarusian language. I would like the girls, singing the song, to feel “The Heart of Belarus” inside.

International children’s contest “Eurovision-2008” will take place on November 22 in Cyprus. The record number of countries will take part in it — 18. The contest debutants will become Azerbaijan, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This year several changes were introduced into the contest. Not only viewers will choose the winner, but also a reserve jury. However, the estimation of the audience will have a higher priority. Less than a month is left to the beginning of the contest, and it is known, that one of the elements on the Cyprian stage, as last year, will become water, the show will be conducted by the adults in the role of Adonis and Aphrodite.

Marina Kuzmina
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