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Two Belarusian clubs play first matches in Europa League third qualification round
Minsk’s Dinamo and Zhodino’s Torpedo-BelAZ may be given 4.5 out of 5 for their performance in the Europa League so far but, regrettably, don’t deserve a full five points. Both Belarusian teams were doing marvelously before their home matches, with Torpedo keeping all goals at bay and Dinamo doing the same. Torpedo-BelAZ and Hungarian Rapid played in Zhodino, with a no score draw. Rapid held the advantage during the match, and made 14 attempts to score, with five kicks sending the ball directly towards the net; meanwhile, Torpedo made only three attempts to hit Rapid’s goal post, with one near miss.

Match between Serbian Vojvodina and Dinamo Minsk

The away match between Minsk’s Dinamo and Serbian Vojvodina ended in a 1:1 draw. Halfback Siniša Babić opened the score in the 29th minute for the hosts, with Dinamo equalising in the 83rd minute, thanks to Ukrainian legionnaire Yevgeny Budnik, playing for Dinamo for the first time, stealing the ball from Yuri Gabovda, also of Ukraine. Minsk’s players admittedly did their best.

By Kirill Karin

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