Society’s potential is state’s potential

Delegates of 4th All-Belarus People’s Congress approve major guidelines of 2011-2015 Socio-Economic Development Programme, as stipulated in adopted resolution

The delegates have supported the major goals being proposed by the country’s leadership. These envisage the growth of prosperity and the improvement of quality of life relying on better socio-economic relations, innovative development and enhanced economic competitiveness. “Human potential is the potential of the country; the richer a person is, the richer the country becomes,” the resolution states.

Top priority areas include the development of human potential, including raised prosperity, birth rates and life expectancy, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and better education. All industries are to be upgraded, with new science-intensive and high-tech enterprises created. Entrepreneurship and business initiative are to be encouraged, boosting the export of goods and services, and promoting well-balanced and efficient foreign trade. Import-substitution manufactures are to be developed further, with sustained regional development. The construction of high quality and affordable housing is on the agenda while raised efficiency in the agricultural industry is another major accent.

State authorities are to fulfil goals and priority directions via the comprehensive use of potential of a strong, efficient and responsible state. All forms of ownership should be further developed, reaching a balance of interests between individuals, society and the state. Moreover, Belarus intends to conduct progressive transformations to promote dynamic socio-economic development.

The key goal of the next five year period is the creation of new production facilities, enterprises and industries manufacturing high-tech and export-oriented products. Of course, a new image is to be created for the Belarusian economy. Energy security and balanced foreign trade are essential for maintaining the independence of the country, its sustained development and the well-being of its citizens. “Belarus should enter the top 50 countries regarding the highest Human Development Index,” the resolution states.

The delegates acknowledged the importance of the 2006-2010 Socio-Economic Development Programme for the Republic of Belarus and the significance of prompt measures to mitigate the consequences of the global financial and economic crisis to ensure the country’s economic growth and prosperity. “Most of the goals set by the Programme have been fulfilled; GDP has risen by over 40 percent, while the energy intensity of GDP has fallen by a quarter. Capital investments have more than doubled while real incomes have risen 75 percent. Over the last decade, the country’s GDP has doubled,” the document states.

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