Snowstorms and frosts bring no threat to plants

Winter garden welcomes its first visitors in Brest

By Olga Kobyakova

The winter garden is situated close to the pedestrian zone of Brest’s ‘Arbat’: Sovetskaya Street. The relatively small territory is home to over 500 varieties of plants, with most hailing from the collection of Brest’s A.S. Pushkin State University. This was enriched with rare plants this year, donated by Minsk’s Central Botanical Garden. These include tropical palms, ficus, papaya, bananas, strelitzia and lotus, comprising the garden’s three sections: tropical jungle, semi-tropical and desert.

The idea of opening a winter garden began in 1965, when the first greenhouse featuring exotic plants opened, at Brest’s Pedagogical Institute. In 2008, the collection numbered over 250 different plants. Brest’s biologists already boast wide research into nature protection and distribution of ecological knowledge. Eight books — published in different years — disclose the beauty of our native land.

The winter garden is not the only biological project run by the A.S. Pushkin State University. In 2006, the educational establishment opened its own small botanical garden — called ‘a garden of never ending blossoming’ by local lecturers and students. Forty hectares are home to over 120 varieties of trees, bushes and flowers, blossoming from early spring to late autumn — one after another.

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