Parachutists train several months to create air formations, setting new record in Belarusian aviation

Snow formations at 5,000 metres

The #Pronebo-2016 festival recently took place at the Voluntary Association for Assistance to the Army, Air Force and Navy’s Minsk Air Club. Hundreds of participants gathered to fly airplanes and helicopters, to jump with parachutes and to give an exhibition performance in aviation and military and applied sports. 

The highlight of the festival was the national record set in the sky over Belarus. Thirty people jumped from a height of 5,000m, arranging themselves in a snowflake formation while freefalling as a ‘large formation’, jumping from the world’s largest helicopter: a Mi-26.  The last pa­rachute group acrobatic record was set by twenty people.

Festival organisers tell us that the new record is a sign of development for Belarus’ aviation sports.

A helicopter pilot competition was the most spectacular element of the #Pronebo event, with crews flying buckets of water as their ‘cargo’ in relay races. Thirteen crews from four countries took part: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

“We hope that our festival will inspire people to become involved, to train and perhaps to take part next year, rather than watch,” notes the general secretary of the Belarusian Federation for Aviation Sport, Anton Bystrov. 
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