Picturesque aircraft presented at Minsk airport

Skyward game

Belavia’s Director General, Anatoly Gusarov, explains, “The united efforts of Belavia and Wargaming shows that many people in our country think and work in a contemporary and creative way. We promote the products and services of our companies worldwide.” 

A medium-range Boeing 737-300, with registration number EW-254PA, has been chosen to implement this creative project. The orange part of its pattern includes the image of a tank, while the aircraft’s sides bear the inscription ‘The Game from Belarus, Enjoyed Worldwide’ in Russian and English, as well as the logo for World of Tanks.

To paint the livery, three hundred litres of enamel and 540 square metres of stencil plates were used, with thirteen people painting the aircraft, even sleeping in the flight hangar in Czech Ostrava.

“The main idea is to show that the game, known all over the world, originates from Belarus. It has over 40 million fans in the CIS alone. It will be great for them to be in an aircraft with such a brand,” believes Denis Voronkov, the Head of the CIS Administration at Wargaming.

The aircraft’s salon is also being revamped to include the theme, with the branded plane due to be used for two years, across all routes.
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