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SKA club sets sights on Europe

Minsk SKA handball players win Baltic League for the first time
By Igor Grishin

In the final match, hosted by Riihimдki, Finland, Spartak Mironovich’s team confidently defeated the hosts of the Final Four, Riihimдki, with a score of 32:26 (15:15). Fighting for third place, Estonian Pхlva beat fellow Estonian team Kehra, 30:23 (17:9).

In the semi-finals, held the day before, the Minsk team defeated Kehra — 42:24, and the Finns defeated Pхlva with a score of 28:25. The leader of Minsk SKA, Boris Pukhovsky, was named best player in the Final Four and best shooter at the final stages, with 23 goals (12 in the semifinals and 11 in the final). The top scorer across the whole Baltic League 2012/2013 season is Ardo Puna (Pхlva), with 127 goals.

The Minsk squad will continue the European season in the semifinals of the Challenge Cup, on April 20th, facing Norwegian Runar for an away match. On April 28th, their rivals will come to Minsk’s Palace of Sports for the return game.

In addition, the team will continue battling in the national championship, where they occupy first place at present: 29 points across 17 games. Second place is occupied by Dynamo Minsk with 27 points (16 games) and BHC (named after Meshkov) is in third position with 24 points (16).
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