SKA club continues its phenomenal season

Minsk’s handball team is one of Europe’s most titled clubs
By Dmitry Baranovsky

In the Soviet years, the team was always in the top tournaments, becoming a symbol of Belarusian handball. Alas, it later found itself in deep crisis, yielding its leading place to Belarusian HC Meshkov Brest and Dynamo, which represented the country in top tournaments for many years. However, this season has seen SKA’s revival.

Finally, they’ve managed to bring together a battle-worthy group, under the guidance of coach Spartak Mironovich — who has helped other clubs gain success.

SKA’s victory over Finnish Riihimдki in the Baltic League’s Final Four has brought the team into the European Cup for the first time in several years and they are already doing well in the Challenge Cup finals, having defeated Norwegian Runar in their first match (away) 32:29. According to the coach, the tournament is a priority for the team, since victory will give convincing proof of the potential of the Minsk squad.

The club also has a good chance of winning the Belarusian Championship, being ranked in first place at present. Dynamo Minsk’s victory over HC Brest Meshkov has ensured SKA a place in the final two, pushing HC Brest Meshkov into third position, despite it being a regular representative of Belarus in the Champions League and a participant of the recent Final Four. SKA and Dynamo will be battling with all their might for the title of Belarusian champion.
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