Sites outlined to arouse interest from investors

Belarus to announce open international tenders to develop deposits in March

By Anastasia Yanushevskaya 

The construction of a coal mining company at Lelchitsy brown coal deposit is planned, in addition to a solid-fuelled coal electric station. About $578.7m is expected to be attracted for the project’s realisation. Additionally, development, mining and processing of brown coal are planned at Brinevo, Zhitkovichi and Tonezh deposits.

Investors are to be invited to develop, mine and process oil shale at Lyuban and Turov deposits, requiring $1.5m. Additionally, investors are needed to develop, mine and process granite in Pripyat Polesie (village of Sitnitsa); the project envisages the establishment of a Sitnitsa ore-dressing plant, costing $381m. Another $1.8bn is to be attracted for the establishment of an ore-dressing facility to produce metallised pellets at Okolovo iron ore deposit.

These projects currently receive state support, as they supply Belarus’ demand for hydrocarbons and related processed goods, as well as raw materials for the construction industry. They supply metallurgy firms and could help expand the country’s export possibilities.

Investors from China, Russia and the EU are already eager to learn more. With oil and natural resources rising in price worldwide, Belarusian natural deposits are enjoying increasing demand.

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