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Singer’s success may be greatly influenced by change of image

Alena Lanskaya to represent Belarus at Eurovision-2013 in Sweden
By Lyudmila Minakova

More than 80 singers and bands tried to reach the finals of the national selection round for the International Song Contest in Belarus, with ten chosen. Belteleradiocompany organised the competition to select the top performer, with its jury headed by its chairman, Gennady Davydko. Alena Lanskaya’s Rhythm of Love received the most audience and jury votes, sending her to Sweden’s hosting of Eurovision this coming May, in Malmц.

Last year, Alena suffered great disappointment after being congratulated on winning the selection round for Baku’s hosting of Eurovision. However, Litesound was sent in her place (after having come in second). Alena’s determination and tenacity have led her to enter the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk six years in a row, resulting in her Grand Prix win in 2011. Perhaps she’ll enjoy the same success at Eurovision, winning the hearts of the European audience. This time, her score of 24 points out of 24 possible gave her an easy victory. She has been presented with an award especially made by Neman Glassworks.

Lanskaya’s performance is quite different to last year’s. Gone is the demure, romantic singer in a long dress and flowing hair, sitting on a crescent to sing her ballad. Instead, she has donned a scarlet mini-dress and an extravagant hairstyle, performing sensual movements while surrounded by four bare-chested men (from Trend Deluxe ballet group). Rhythmic and exciting, her song was composed by Leonid Shirin, Yuri Vashchuk (music) and Alexey Shirin (lyrics) and was recorded in London.

“We have talented people who can compose fantastic songs,” asserts Alena. We hope that our song will find appreciation across Europe. Of course, months of rehearsals, costume selections and preparation lie ahead but Ms. Lanskaya is an old hand when it comes to competitions: local and national. After one such event, some years ago, she was advised to go to Minsk’s Spamash recording studio. Now, aged 27, she’s won numerous music competitions in Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria and the USA and is the youngest Honoured Artiste of Belarus.
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