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Simply high ranking

The past sporting year has brought many wonderful moments but among the brightest has perhaps been Victoria Azarenko’s brilliant season and Sergey Martynov’s fabulous Olympic success. It’s no surprise that they’ve been voted Belarus’ athletes of the year for 2012 — according to a traditional poll by Sportivnaya Panorama newspaper
By Andrey Samokhvalov

According to the survey, Ms. Azarenko gained 964.5 points. Her spectacular year has seen her take Olympic mixed doubles gold (partnered by Max Mirny) and the singles bronze, alongside the Grand Slam Australian Open gold. She became first seed this year, and remains so today. 2012 Olympic champion in small-bore marksmanship Sergey Martynov (44) earned 913 points. He has twice won World Cup events this year, as well as coming second.

Third place goes to swimmer Alexandra Gerasimenya, who boasts 908 points. The top ten also includes Darya Domracheva, Max Mirny, Lyubov Cherkashina, kayakers Roman Petrushenko and Vadim Makhnev, canoe pair brothers Alexander and Andrey Bogdanovich, Marina Shkermankova and Sergey Rutenko.

The best three coaches this year, according to voters, are national canoe and kayak team coach Vladimir Shantarovich, the head coach of BATE Borisov, Victor Goncharenko, and Alexandra Gerasimenya’s coach, Yelena Klimova.

BATE has proven unrivalled among sports teams, followed by the men’s national handball squad and the handballers of Dinamo Minsk. The national artistic gymnastics team deservedly occupies first place among non-match sports.
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