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SIM cards for smart lamps

Over half the lamps in our capital are controlled by mobile connection — 60,000 in all
‘Smart lamps’ illuminate all districts of Minsk, in downtown and in residential areas. Mobile connection is also used to control street lighting along major highways, including the motorway leading to Minsk National Airport. Night lighting of buildings on most of the capital’s streets is controlled using the same method.

Intellectual lighting works are similar to ‘smart home’ systems. All lamps are connected to electrical substations or, to be precise, to small controllers with SIM cards. Dozens of detectors collect data on street lamps’ operation, which is then fed into the system through the controller and Velcom network.

‘Smart lamps’ alert operators to incidents in real time. For instance, the dispatcher will be immediately informed if voltage is low, if an accumulator is out of order, or if the substation door has broken. The response is also quick: a repair crew will be immediately deployed to fix the problem.

‘Smart lamps’ have appeared in the capital through co-operation between Mingorsvet and Velcom. The total number of street lamps in Minsk exceeds 100,000, growing by 10-15 percent annually.

By Vladimir Velikanov

Stunts highly praised

Belarusian State Circus artists collect golden award at World Full of Wonder 2016

Belarusian State Circus’ youngest performers, Veronika Rybchonok and Maxim Vinogradov, have returned home with a gold award from the 10th international Child and Youth Circus Festival World Full of Wonder 2016, in Riga.

Veronika and Maksim performed their aerial silk acrobatic routine before an international jury and audience, using fabrics while on a trapeze to perform tricks and unusual combinations.

The duo come from an honoured amateur company, the Belaya Rus Circus Studio, and enrolled with the Belarusian State Circus not long ago. Several months of work with the Circus’ creative team, headed by chief producer Alla Nikolaeva-Alieva, have been justly rewarded with a gold medal from Riga. Performers from Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Italy took part in the festival, which brought together more than fifty young circus performers.

By Olga Korneeva
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