Signals to be picked up from orbit by large dish

Belarusian satellite for remote Earth sensing to be launched by end of year

Those who live or often visit the area near the Botanical Garden in Minsk’s Surganov Street are likely to notice a huge antenna on the roof of one of the buildings; this houses the Geoinformation Systems Scientific and Engineering Republican Unitary Enterprise.It’s impossible not to notice a 9m diameter dish which will receive data from the Belarusian satellite. In which spheres, besides defence, is space information needed?

“It can be useful for forestries to receive prompt information on fire hazards or unsanctioned cutting-down. The Emergency Ministry and the Hydro-meteorological Centre will also benefit, as will the Agriculture and Food Ministry and the Ministry for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection,” notes Victor Zaznov, Geoinformation Systems’ Deputy Director for Research.

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