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Belarus to increase exports to Novosibirsk

By Valentin Topolev

Belarus to increase exports to Novosibirsk

The head of the Belarusian Consulate in Novosibirsk, Sergey Pyatkov, recently met the Mayor of Novosibirsk, Anatoly Lokot (formerly Chairman of the Commission of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Belarus-Russia Union State). Both are eager to promote collaboration, with Mr. Pyatkov stressing, “Belarus is ready to supply its goods on the best terms. ‘Made in Belarus’ is a trustworthy brand, produced in line with GOST standards: of good quality and at an affordable price.” He adds that co-operation in machine building and metal processing, as well as timber processing and furniture manufacture, may be promising.

“We’ll try to offer the whole range of goods existing in Belarus,” notes Mr. Pyatkov. “We’re planning a trade fair of Belarusian goods in Novosibirsk, which should prove interesting to the wider public.”

The Mayor’s Office in Novosibirsk tells us that the region is considering importing Belarusian potatoes, studying demand, and ‘screwdriver’ assembly of MAZ buses may be launched in Novosibirsk. Potential sites are Sibselmash and the Plant of Chemical Concentrates (NZHK), with the move thought to be beneficial to the city and the region.

Mr. Lokot emphasises, “This is promising, especially in the light of import-substitution, since Belarus is part of our Union State. Belarusian technology has kept up with the times so we’re completely satisfied with its value for money. Novosibirsk residents already have the opportunity to assess Belarusian buses, which run in our city.” Most operate along municipal routes.

In October, Novosibirsk is to host an exhibition of Belarusian manufacturers and it is expected that Belarus’ Prime Minister will attend.
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