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Show me your tail and I will know to whom you belong

The rebranding of Belavia is a controversial story laden with new ideas and opinions.
The rebranding of Belavia is a controversial story laden with new ideas and opinions. It’s a reminder that Ilya Andreev, a designer from Belarus working in Moscow, has recently put his variant of the design on the Internet: a cornflower and the new name of the company

The idea has received considerable popular support and the air carrier itself has also become involved in the project and invited the designer to a discussion with Boeing. Our own designers, including Vladimir Tsesler, are also involved in the process. He is not convinced of the appropriateness of the cornflower, he has said that neither a blue flower nor the ‘vyshyvanka’ (traditional clothing) pattern, which has been proposed in comments on the website, aren’t symbols of our country, and nor should they be symbols of Belavia.

His idea is that of a stork, he proposes to paint the nose of the airliner in red, to make the wings black and white, as the bird and the fuselage will be the colour of snow. There are some variations on the design of the name of the company.

Most members of the forum haven’t liked this idea, commenting that the design looks mournful, and would need extra work added to the tail to retain the analogy with the legs of the bird.

The absence of a logo on the tail is a sticking point for many, as most airlines use this space for branding. Ilya Andreev, participating in the discussion, has recently commented on Facebook: ‘Now the guys from Teague, design-consultants, expert designers and a usual partner of Boeing, have taken up the case’.

After only two days with the team, Ilya has become convinced that it will be impossible to do the rebranding work alone, without expert help.

The final decision will be made within 3-4 months. It has been revealed that the current level of service and other issues are being discussed, as well as what future direction Belavia wishes to move in. The next stage in the process is the visualisation of the submitted images at design stage.
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