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Shots have proven truly high class

Belarusian marksman Sergey Martynov opens season with victory, as at end of last season

By Dmitry Komarov

He has won the World Cup round, which was held at the same shooting range scheduled to host the coming Olympics (within just two months). His victory is certainly pleasing; although he only beat his rivals in the prone rifle event by one point, in shooting terms, this is significant.

He is modest in his self-assessment, noting the difficult weather conditions which have prevented him from earning the maximum number of points. Despite scoring 595 points in qualification, he has earned the maximum of 600 points several times previously (already registered in the Guinness Book of Records). Meanwhile, his rivals have often failed to score 595.
His Belarusian shooting colleague Ilya Chergeiko, 19, came third. Pleasingly, in 2010, he won silver at the Youth Olympic Games. This season, he has shown his ability to be ranked among the leading marksmen, qualifying for the Olympic Games. Commenting on his brilliant performance, Ilya does not hide his ambitions, saying, “I’m aiming for a medal within two months, at the Olympic Games.”

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