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Shoes wins over audience

Short film by director Konstantin Fam receives highest award at 8th International Imperia Video Festival in Italy
Shoes is a co-production by Belarus, Russia, Poland, the USA, the Czech Republic and France, honouring the memory of Holocaust victims. It tells the story of a pair of shoes, from their display in a shop window to their end in a mass grave at Auschwitz. The unique direction shows only the legs of characters through the film, with a soundtrack of music. It joins the Yad Vashem Memorial (Israel) collection, alongside outstanding films about the Holocaust by Spielberg, Polanski and Benigni.

The International Imperia Video Festival is an important celebration of independent film making, hosted by the Liguria Region. It is one of the most important festivals in Italy, held under the patronage of UNESCO and among the 13 most important festivals in the world, supporting cultural heritage and education.

A total of 721 works from 52 countries applied to take part in the International Imperia Video Festival in 2013, with Belarus presenting five films. A work by the Belarusian Video Centre — a documentary short called Warmth, directed by Victor Aslyuk, was selected for the main competition.
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