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Seven maps about flora

National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Experimental Botany compiles atlas of plant biodiversity at Narochansky National Park

By Tatiana Chumakova

The three year project is the first of its kind in Belarus and across the CIS, being highly praised by foreign experts. Rare plants have been examined and mapped, while assessing their botanical importance. A suitable level of recreational burden has been determined for Narochansky National Park, as well as for other similar locations in need of protection.

In total, seven maps have been compiled, characterising rare plants by habitat, importance and number. The maps should allow us to make a more informed choice regarding the preservation of flora biodiversity in the Naroch Lake area and accentuate the need for zoning to protect particular sites within this national park.

Ten zones have been identified containing plants in most need of protection — including those in the Golubye Ozera (Blue Lakes) botanical area, the Nekasetsk River floodplain and Cheremshitsa marshes.

105 of the Red Book’s 274 plant species grow in Narochansky National Park, as do around 20 plants protected in Europe. Most of the rare plants in the Republic grow in the Narochansky and Belovezhskaya Pushcha national parks.

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