Setting the agenda to solve significant issues

Agenda for forthcoming session of Supreme State Council of the Union State of Belarus and Russia discussed at meeting between President of Belarus, the Chairman of the Supreme State Council Alexander Lukashenko and State Secretary of the Union State Grigory Rapota
By Veniamin Mishin

Mr. Lukashenko believes that some issues can be solved only by the Supreme State Council and has asked Mr. Rapota to keep him informed of preparations for the agenda of the forthcoming session of the Supreme State Council. He noted, “Is there a mismatch or is there anything needing co-ordination? Is there a need for the intervention of presidents in order to reduce dispute within the Supreme State Council?” asked Mr. Lukashenko. He was also interested in preparations for the session of the Union State Council of Ministers. “This is our basic working body, where all questions are decided and brought to the Supreme State Council,” noted the President.

He told Mr. Rapota, “I’d like to hear your views on Belarusian-Russian relations in the context of problems arising today regarding the EU’s conflict with Ukraine, and how it can be interpreted regarding our relations. What lessons should we learn and what conclusions should we draw?”

Mr. Rapota commented that final planning is underway for the session of the Supreme State Council, which meets at the end of December. The agenda has several segments, including discussion of the results of budgetary policy for this year and adoption of the budget for 2014. Other items include a report on economic policy, including the results of trade and economic co-operation between our two countries in 2013. 
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