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Sergey Rutenko will continue his career with Qatar’s El Fallujah club

Sergey Rutenko leaves Barcelona

Spain’s Marca sports newspaper has reported that Sergey Rutenko — a titled Belarusian handball player — will continue his career with Qatar’s El Fallujah club. He has confirmed his transfer to Qatar, but adds that he will also play for Lekhwiya.

This season, the Belarusian failed to play full-time for Barça, despite being on good form. It’s thought that Sergey has had problems with coach Xavier Pascual. Nevertheless, his leaving the club (which he has supported since 2009) has aroused embarrassment. It’s also questionable how this situation may affect the Belarusian national team, since Sergey has been its leader and captain.

In early 2016, the national team will play in the European Championship finals. Of course, we hope to see Rutenko participate on peak form.
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