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Sergey Rutenko is voted best handballer

Sergey Rutenko — captain of Belarusian national handball team and among leading attack players for Spanish Barcelona — named world’s best left-midfielder handballer for 2013
The online site recently summed up the results of voting for the world’s best handballer of 2013, and best players in their field positions. Winners were chosen by 11 European handball magazines and fans of the sport, who voted online via the site. Sergey Rutenko was named best left-midfielder, while Croatian Domagoj Duvnjak (playing for German Hamburg) was named best handballer worldwide. Hungarian midfielder Lбszlу Nagy, from Veszprйm, was ranked second, followed by Spanish line player Julen Aguinagalde, playing for Viva.

Rutenko outstripped Czech Filip Jнcha, from German Kiel, and Dutch Mikkel Hansen, from French PSG, to be named top left-midfielder. Remarkably, Rutenko was placed third in terms of fans’ votes, receiving 3,583 against Jнcha’s 6,314 and Hansen’s 7,920. However, most journalists spoke in favour of the Belarusian handball player.
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