Sergey Rutenko among worthy sportsmen

Winter is not only a time for traditional skiing and skating but for new sports — such as handball

By Dmitry Komashko

Our team has created a real stir within European arenas and is expected to do well in early January, in Spain, taking part in a traditional tournament dedicated to Domingo Barcenas. Coached by Olympic champion Yuri Shevtsov, they’ll join squads from Egypt and Montenegro. “The most pleasing thing is that we were not searching for our rivals; Spain has invited us,” says Mr. Shevtsov. “This shows our strong position in world handball and indicates that we are gaining higher status.”
Sergey Rutenko’s appearance on the Belarusian national squad is the most interesting development. The most expensive handball player worldwide was asked to defend our Belarusian colours not long ago, although he still plays for Spanish Barcelona. Some time ago, Spain was interested in acquiring this unique player.

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