Secret of Kupala Night

Every year thousands of Belarusians spend the night of July 6 and early morning hours of July 7 listening to the voices of nature and looking for the flower of happiness
The Ivan Kupala Night is one of the most popular folk feasts of the country. This night is meant to help you understand the beauty of the world.
If you should witness the Kupala ceremony, which looks a lot like some magic rituals, keep very quiet and watch it closely not to frighten it away. The tradition to celebrate the Kupala night that has reached our days from the depth of centuries represents the flush of the powers of nature.

This night is always filled with miracles: you may hear the whisper of herbs and see mermaids, watch trees change places and witness the bright light of the blossoming fern flower. And even if you remember your schoolbooks that said that fern never blossoms and animals and plants cannot communicate, keep silent and hit the road in search of the magical flower.
Every year romantic souls try to uncover the secret of the special night and unveil its arcane (as it is always nice to believe in miracles).

By the way, they say it is a sin to sleep in the shortest night of the year, as there are plenty of other things to do: gather herbs, read fortune, jump over the fire… Our forefathers gave us some essential knowledge that makes us believe that if a young man and a girl jump over the highest of all flames hand in hand they will live a long and happy life together. I know a couple that jumped over the fire many years ago and they are still happy together.

How did our forefathers start the day? Girls got ready for the day of celebration and fortune-telling from early morning. They made wreaths from wild flowers and added nettle to it, which reflects the essence of a mermaid concealed in every girl. They pushed the wreath into the river and got rid of the burning mermaid nature. Modern girls do the same things just for the sake of the ancient ritual, but they do not make wreaths so early, as the Kupala night falls rarely on weekends. Girls also stick some burning candles into their wreaths and make bets whose wreath remains on the surface longer. The longer the candle burns the more overwhelming your love will be. While girls play with wreaths and tell their fortune, young men start making fires. The fun starts soon, and the main thing here is not to burn your feet.

The secret of the shortest night of the year has not been revealed yet, but people insist that the fern flower does exist, and there are a few lucky ones that have found it.

The feast of fire, water and love filled me with the certainty that life is given to all of us for happiness, joy and love. This might be the main secret of the Kupala night, don’t you think?

by Anna Shagoika
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