Searching for precious deposits

Luxembourg’s Discovery Potash keen to take part in project to search for diamond deposits in Belarus

By Olga Belova

Belarusian geologists have already forwarded the results of their long term work on the search of diamonds in our country to the potential investor, alongside an assessment of prospects for development of this area. “The specialists will study our documentation and we hope that they’ll reach a positive decision. Joint work could then begin, searching for diamond deposits in our country,” notes Vladimir Varaksa, Deputy Director of the Geology Department at the Ministry for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus.

Mr. Varaksa notes that geologists are continuing to search for diamonds in the Gomel Region and in the south of the Brest Region, while gold is being searched for in the east of the Brest Region and in the west of the Minsk Region. “Searches will be organised wherever basement rocks are located close to the surface, making drilling cheaper,” he explains.

Speaking of prospects for the search of uranium deposits in Belarus, Mr. Varaksa stresses that no major plans are afoot. “Radioactive metals are being searched for at some sites, but only on a small scale,” he admits.

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