Scientists ready for real test

Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of National Academy of Sciences to expand testing base, to create new automobile, mining, agricultural and passenger machinery
By Lidia Krapova

In accordance with the national programme to develop industry until 2020, the Institute is to expand its test base and upgrade testing equipment and stands. “In order to create good quality, competitive machinery, we need to pass through stages of research and development,” notes the Deputy Director for Science at the Institute, Vladimir Algin. “A good test base allows us to conduct all necessary work efficiently and promptly.”

He explains that industrial development will allow the country to consolidate and extend its place in the world of mechanical engineering. Mr. Algin notes that Belarus currently holds 10th place globally for production of medium machine building — a solid position from which to build upon. BelAZ already produces a third of the world’s mining trucks while Minsk Tractor Works occupies approximately 8-12 percent of the world market for wheeled tractors. Belarus produces about 10 percent of the world’s harvesters, while aiming to raise this to 15 percent.

Belarus’ first multi-section articulated lorry is being prepared for trial by the Institute, explains Mr. Dyuzhev, its Director General. He adds, “In the near future, a multi-section articulated lorry developed by the Institute will be launched into trial operation. Made by Minsk Automobile Plant, it can already use Belarusian roads to transport goods. 

The manufacture of multi-link truck-tractors, using three trailers via promising construction of the hybrid drive is also envisaged by the programme of development of the Belarusian industrial complex until 2020.

Mr. Dyuzhev tells us that vibroacoustic studies are being made, aiming to locate weak points in metal used in vehicle manufacture. The Institute is also developing new technologies in the field of material science, using nanotechnology to produce components. He asserts, “We’re already seeing results and will soon see these put into practice at our machine-building plants.” The Institute intends to commercialise its activities and export its services. In particular, Russian companies in the sphere of aerospace are showing interest in its developments. 

In general, the task of the Institute is to help enterprises produce innovative high-tech export-oriented products, sharing developmental experience. The Institute conducts certification of new vehicles, declaring that they meet safety standards, and helps test machinery to show reliability, assessing a machine’s abilities. It has been promoting good practise and encouraging innovation for its 55 years of activity.
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