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Scientists have great plans

From November 14-27th, New Delhi will be hosting the India International Trade Fair-2012, with Belarus acting as a partner state, presenting over 130 sci-tech developments
More active collaboration between Belarusian and Indian scientists is planned, including exploration of molecular structure, and the electro-physical and dialectric properties of non-composite layers and their application as gas sensors. The project is to involve representatives of Gomel’s State University (named after Skorina) and the Hindustan College of Science and Technology.

Meanwhile, the Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is to work with the Indian Institute of Science in developing BOS technique to diagnose hypersonic streams. In addition, the Physical-Technical Institute at the NAS of Belarus and the Indian Institute of Technology are implementing a project relating to ion-beam nitrogenation and laser processing of protective coverings for corrosion-resistant steels.

Belarus is presenting over 130 high-tech innovative developments at the exhibition in the form of site-collected samples, map boards, multi-media presentations and advertising materials. The State Science and Technology Committee stand is involving 12 institutions of the Education Ministry and five scientific and scientific production organisations of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

The forum covers all priority areas of sci-tech activity in Belarus: power engineering and energy saving; rational nature management; resource saving and renewable energy sources; chemical technologies; nano-technologies and biotechnologies; agro-industrial technologies and manufactures; medicine and pharmacy; information and communication technologies; new materials; and defence potential and national security.

Belarus’ participation in the 32nd India International Trade Fair will promote co-operation between Belarusian and Indian scientists. A memorandum on mutual understanding is to be signed in New Delhi, between the State Science and Technology Committee and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy — regarding co-operation in the sphere of renewable energy sources.
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