Scientists expand innovative network

National Technology Transfer Centre (TTC) to open two branch offices in China this year

By Tatiana Onufrienko

One office is to open in Beijing, with support from the Scientific and Technical Exchange Centre of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, while another is to appear in Harbin. The expansion of the TTC network will help promote Belarusian scientific developments on the Chinese market, attracting investments for joint Belarusian-Chinese projects and enhancing business contacts between Belarusian and Chinese scientific organisations and industrial enterprises.

Belarusian TTCs already operate in Chinese Shanghai and Changchun, with their services enjoying demand. “We plan to further develop and expand our network — both in Belarus and abroad,” explains the Director of the National Technology Transfer Centre, Alexander Uspensky. “New centres significantly contribute to the strengthening of ties between science and industry, while introducing the latest scientific innovations.”

The National Technology Transfer Centre encourages prospective customers to buy Belarusian innovations and has 26 branch offices — in Minsk, Brest, Mogilev, Gomel, Grodno and other cities. Their specialists give recommendations to scientific institutions and educational establishments relating to innovation and investment projects. The Centre has already entered into 50 co-operative agreements with organisations from over 20 countries. Annually, it places information on about 500 Belarusian projects on its official website, with most becoming practically applied.

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