Scientific approach of fatigue

Belarusian State University developing software to assess degree of human fatigue

By Olga Belova

The unique software allows us to calculate someone’s true level of fatigue, to decide on their working ability. “The assessment is based on a study of patients’ psychomotor reactions to sounds and light,” explains the Head of the Human Ecology Department at the Belarusian State University, Valery Dunai. “Our reactions are quicker after resting than when we are fatigued, so we can use the data to decide on ability to work — defining someone’s degree of fatigue.”

The innovation has wide application: in medicine, education, the transport complex and in sport. “For example, drivers of public transport can be prohibited from working if they fail the test. It can be also used in the sporting sphere, improving our ability to help sportsmen reach peak condition before an event,” adds the scientist. He notes that an athlete’s nervous system can start showing fatigue even while they are giving good results; accordingly, the test will help plan optimal training schedules, excluding nervous exhaustion.

A mobile version of the software may appear, enabling mobile phone users to independently define their degree of fatigue and working ability.

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