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Milk from transgenic goats on a farm near Zhodino is helping our bio-physicists and pharmacologists produce a medicine imitating human lacto-ferrin, laboratory mice in distant California are using our synthesised ‘anti-aging medicine’, and our students are using supercomputers
By Irina Durova

Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences has determined the most significant achievements of our domestic scientists in 2012. All have practical application and aim to improve our health and quality of life.

Physics leads the way
According to data from the Belarusian NAS, last year, domestic physicists found a way to use terahertz irradiation to x-ray objects, began working with isolated photons, and helped with Large Hadron Collider tests. Interestingly, 6-8 physicists are annually the most cited of our Belarusian scientists.

Supercomputers fight modern day plague
Computer specialists and biochemists have used supercomputers to model four chemical compositions which could help battle AIDS. These block sections of the virus’ outer shell, allowing it to be ‘attacked’. Belarus has generated the basic structure for making AIDS treating medicines.

Domestic drugs stand high
Chemists develop thin-film technologies for polarised 3D spectacles — used for watching 3D TV (RealD technology), Alginomax antacid for the elderly and first generation generic tumour fighting drugs Pemetrexid and Azacitidin.

Fairy-tale coming true
Jointly with Russian scientists, biochemists have succeeded in studying the delicate interaction of protein molecules, harnessing their connection to para-magnetic substances. Vital for the development of new generation drugs, the technology seems fantastical but, in future, it should be possible to transport capsules of medicine directly to affected human cells.

Stem cell in focus
Physiologists and biophysicists have created a device to facilitate the transformation of stem cells into neurons: vital in treating circulation disorders in the brain. In addition, those preferring to be diagnosed in advance can have their genome of blood lymphocytes determined, helping diagnose the harmful influence of ecological factors on our health.
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