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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko convinced that science is essential to recovery of industry

Science has its own laws, with succession among them

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko convinced that science is essential to recovery of industry, as noted during presentation of doctor of science diplomas and professorship certificates

Participants of the meeting with the President

The Head of State has stressed that global economic conditions oblige Belarus to take a forward thinking approach. Trade partners and competitors face similar challenges in retaining sales volumes. He emphasises, “The future of Belarus largely depends on our behaviour in this situation. We can panic and give up or find efficient solutions to pending issues. Difficult times inspire great opportunities, as they say.”

Mr. Lukashenko underlines that the work of scientists can and should bring maximum benefits, including material. “Moreover, it’s essential for scientists to see tangible results from their labour and the benefits they bring to people and to the country,” added the Head of State.

He is keen to see the Higher Certification Committee, the National Academy of Sciences, the Education Ministry, universities and other higher educational establishments enhance the efficiency of their post-graduate courses, to prepare scientists for the tasks before them in our 21st century world.

Mr. Lukashenko wishes to see doctoral studies receive special attention, saying, “In determining topics for theses and conducting research, it’s vital to take into account promising areas for the Republic. We currently lack scientific staff across a range of popular specialities.” The Head of State wishes to see authorities planning carefully, to guide educational training at the highest level, to meet the needs of industry.

Training of the next generation of researchers should be successive, conducted across all stages of education: from the selection of talented students to higher educational establishments, through to their post-graduate studies.

“Recent years have shown us that we can solve the most complex tasks. We’ve established a well-developed system of training scientific staff and continue to improve this,” stresses the President. Last year alone, 48 people were awarded doctor of sciences diplomas and 513 became candidates of sciences, while 50 were granted the title of professor and almost 400 received the title of associate professor.

By Vasily Kharitonov
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