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Pupils from Floria Art Studio in Minsk invite friends from Belarusian Children’s Hospice

Long before the opening of their exhibition at the Republican Centre for Ecology and Local History, pupils from Floria Art Studio in Minsk decided to invite friends from Belarusian Children’s Hospice.

Joy is multiplied when we share it with others, especially with children to whom Fate has been unfair. Lyudmila Bairova, who heads the Floria Studio, tells us that the exhibition is part of the Ecology of Soul project. Each of the 12 guests were accompanied by parents or volunteers, and greeted by studio pupils on the street with bouquets of spring flowers.

To avoid excluding those with less mobility, works were on show via a big screen on the ground floor. Meanwhile, experienced master Kudret Kirmach, from Turkey, helped every guest to create their own work of art, in the style of ebru ancient Oriental painting (drawing on water). Seven kinds of crafts were available for sampling, with guests helped by graduates of Floria Studio.

Master class for youngsters from Children’s Hospice, organised by their peers

Katya Galinovskaya, aged 6, who requires a wheelchair to help her with mobility, tried her hand at drawing in sand. She showed her work, via a luminous screen, saying that her floral image was for her mother. She has already learned bead weaving and embroidery, taught by her mother. Born with cancer, she will never gain full use of her lower limbs but Katya’s mother Irina is intent on filling her daughter’s days with happiness, communication and creativity. She starts regular school this year and dreams of joining Floria Studio. In fact, all the guests are eager to return.

Irina Baidakova, who heads social work for the Belarusian Children’s Hospice, notes that a joint plan of action is already underway to allow future work between Lyudmila Bairova’s studio and the hospice, with weekly visits scheduled. Only transport remains to be arranged.

By Marina Zubovich
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