Satellite helps with crops harvesting

Alexander Lukashenko inspects new dairy processing holdings and contemporary farming technologies in Belarus
The President of Belarus’ recent working trip to the Mogilev Region’s Klichev District included a visit to Dobrovolets state-owned farm, which specialises in grain and potato crops, milk and meat. Mr. Lukashenko looked at spring sowing in the Mogilev Region and across Belarus as a whole, being impressed by the contemporary system being applied in Dobrovolets. Satellite and IT technologies help optimise and improve soil fertility, alongside plant nutrition, due to differentiated planting. This saves up to 25 percent on fertiliser use, while enhancing their efficiency by up to 44 percent, increasing yields by 8-9 percent.

This year, Dobrovolets has equipped 25 vehicles with satellite monitoring devices, allowing tracking of tractors throughout the day, increasing efficiency. The system was demonstrated in action to the President. 

In the Klichev District, the Head of State also toured the Dubrova dairy complex, owned by the Dobrovolets agricultural company, and Batsevichi dairy farm, owned by the Lenin agricultural company. The latter has been reconstructed, using cost-effective, strong wooden structures.

In conclusion, Mr. Lukashenko underlined the need to raise production standards in the agricultural and livestock industries, to ensure quality, harvest volumes and competitiveness.
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