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Sakura song among repertoire

Mozyr Merry-Makers (Mozyrskia Vesyalushki) to give Japanese children a taste of traditional Belarusian culture

By Tatiana Borovikova

At the invitation of Japan, the children’s team is to tour the six regions most affected by the Fukushima disaster in May, performing songs and dances to their Japanese peers at schools and kindergartens. Interestingly, Mozyr Merry-Makers has prepared choreographic and vocal performances in both Belarusian and Japanese; their singing of Sakura in Japanese has already been highly praised.

“This visit by our young Belarusian artistes will support mutual enrichment in the cultural sphere, while aiding the expansion of co-operation between artistic teams and will bring new friendships,” explains the Deputy Head of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee’s Culture Department, Olga Antonenko.

The team, headed by Svetlana Polyn, has a repertoire which includes the best national songs and dances.

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