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Would-be lawyers suggest unexpected decisions to solve inter-state disputes

Role-play as close to reality as possible

Would-be lawyers suggest unexpected decisions to solve inter-state disputes

The Youth for Peace International Law Competition was held in Minsk for the 11th time, gathering students and experts in international law from different countries. This year, a team from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (MGIMO) was acknowledged as the strongest team. In the finals, it competed against the team from the UK’s BPP University. They were both well prepared, and the competition took place on almost equal terms. As noted by the Pro-Rector at the IILSR International University, Yelena Dovgan, the problem discussed by the finalists was unconventional for a competition in international humanitarian law. They considered issues of indirect environmental impact during armed conflict and compensation for the victims of such an impact after its completion. Indeed, the challenge for the students was unusual and very difficult. However, both teams were able to provide a very good argument to demonstrate its position and ownership not only by international humanitarian law, but also international law in general.

Participants of the Youth for Peace Olympiad

Overall, this year’s intellectual competition was attended by representatives of nine countries: China, Great Britain, Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Belarus, Germany, the Netherlands and France. Apart from theoretical, practical and final rounds, the Olympiad proposed the 1st round table discussion; it was attended by foreign experts (members of the Olympiad jury), representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the National Centre for Legislation and Legal Research, the National Centre of Legal information of Belarus, the CIS Economic Court, and several Belarusian universities.

On the eve of the Olympiad, a press conference was held and Belarus’ Justice Minister — Oleg Slizhevsky — said, “International seminars, conferences, various competitions open up new opportunities for the creativity of those involved. They ensure an exchange of experiences and enable us to meet representatives of different countries and to report on our knowledge and achievements. Importantly, competitions of the kind, in my opinion, provide fertile ground for nurturing new talent.”


The Youth for Peace International Law Competition is a unique project, which has no comparison in Eastern Europe and the CIS. The IILSR International University acts as its organiser with the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus. The Olympiad is held as part of the UN’s global initiative: Academic Impact.

By Yekaterina Medvedskaya
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