Road map takes into account all options

Guests and fans of the championship are offered several ways to reach the sports centres: metro, buses, city electric trains and individual transport
By Olga Bystrova

What is the most convenient transport to reach the arenas?

Guests and fans of the championship are offered several ways to reach the sports centres: metro, buses, city electric trains and individual transport. Our MT correspondent found out, which of them is the most practical in terms of money and time.

Cheap and quick

The metro is traditionally considered to be the fastest type of transport in a megapolis. However, it is impossible to reach the championship arenas exclusively by metro and the route should be concluded by using ground transport. For example, the way from metro station Ploshchad Lenina to Nemiga takes about ten minutes taking into account the need to change lines, whilst the bus section of the journey takes about half an hour. As a result, to get from the railway station to the Minsk-Arena will take about 40-50 minutes by this method.

One of the simplest variants of following this route is a trip just by bus. It will take nearly the same time from the railway station, taking into account the traffic. The advantage of this method is that it does not require you to change, and this means that risk of getting lost is reduced. At the same time, it is also possible to see the beauty of the capital through the bus window as the route runs through Nezavisimosti Avenue, Svobody Square, Nemiga, the Sports Palace and many other historical and cultural objects.

The railway offers another direct route. The trip on a city electric train from the main railway station to the stopping point Masyukovshchina, which is approximately 700 metres from Minsk-Arena, will take the shortest time — only 10 minutes.
The second platform of the championship is the Chizhovka-Arena, and it is not so easy to reach from the capital’s main railway station. The only direct way is offered by fixed-route taxis. The trip takes around half an hour. The second option would be the following: by metro to the Avtozavodskaya station then change to a bus or a trolley bus. The metro trip takes about 15-20 minutes, and the surface leg, in the region of 8-10 minutes. In total, a 30-40 minutes journey.

Owners of the multi-match ticket packages should consider purchasing a season ticket. It is possible to programme a range of different tariffs on the modern contactless smart cards: like trips by one or several types of transport during certain period of time, a week, half-month or month, and also from five to sixty single trips, which can be used on any type of public transport.

An electronic fare payment system operates in Minsk. In order to use a season ticket, it is necessary to press it to a special scanning device — a validator. Instead of the habitual ticket punchers, ground transport is equipped with electronic punchers: the ticket for a single trip should be put to the aperture in the device, and it will display information about the time of trip and route of the transport vehicle.

Routes of sports day

Eleven additional public transport routes have been organised for convenience of both residents and visitors to the matches during the period of the championship in Minsk. New lines will deliver spectators from railway station to the Student Village and championship arenas.

Tsentralny Bus Terminal — Minsk-Arena;

Tsentralny Bus Terminal — Student Village;

Tsentralny Bus Terminal — Chizhovka-Arena;

Minsk-Arena — Chizhovka-Arena;

Student Village — Minsk National Airport;

Student Village — Minsk-Arena;

Student Village — Chizhovka-Arena;

Avtozavodskaya metro station — Chizhovka-Arena;

Loshitsa stopping point — Chizhovka-Arena;

Nemiga metro station — Minsk-Arena;

Pushkinskaya metro station — Minsk-Arena.

City line trains will work in a special mode. The train schedule was developed to take into account its co-ordination with the championship matches, the irregularity of carrying out of competitions on weekdays and within 24 hours. Additional trains will run every 10-15 minutes to the Minsk-Arena (Masyukovshchina stopping point) and Chizhovka-Arena (Loshitsa stopping point) from May 9th till May 25th. Three pairs of trains will also be available to transport the fans to the stations at the beginning and end of each match. For the most ardent of them, planning to visit several matches during one day, these city line trains will be a real godsend. During the days of the World Championship, electric trains will run in a ‘through format’ according to a special schedule, making it possible to get from Loshitsa to Masyukovshchina in just 20 minutes.

Entrance is allowed by tickets

In total, 55-56 thousand people are expected in Belarus for the World Championship. As the stream of tourists is expected through the National Airport in Minsk, and also from Latvia and Poland, in order to accelerate the procedure of boundary control for visitors there have been special corridors allocated through which fans can pass through the border in three-five minutes. Apart from their passport, they should also have the original or electronic version of the ticket for a championship match. Tourists should keep this ticket before leaving the country as they will be asked to show a ticket together with their passport.
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